partner alias handling

My email partners drive me crazy. They have several email accounts and they access their account by several clients. Therefore I get a lot of mails from the following senders:
"x y "
"y, x "

These senders represent the same person. Usually I do not remember which account did he send his mail from. I just remember I got an email from him last month and I want to find that mail now. Therefore I open my Inbox and reorder the mails by From column. The emails from XY are in 5 different parts of the list and amongst them reside a lot of unimportant emails.

It would be nice to have a “Partner Alias” list. By it I would organize the strings occurring in “From” column of an email folder into different groups. I would tell in each row an alias for some email addresses. For example I would say in one row:

“x y” = "x y ", "y, x ", “”, “”, “

Each email folder would have two new columns besides “From” and “To”. There would be also “From (alias)” and “To (alias)”. These columns would contain “x y” in each case when the From and To column is any from the right side of the = sign. If a partner does not occur in any partner alias rule then “From (alias)” contains the value of “From” field and “To (alias)” contains the content of “To”.

This feature would help a lot to organize my emails. I have ~10.000 mails per year so it would be really a big help.

Same issue! I haven’t tried this, but a contact can have 3 email addresses - if you enter 3 aliases, will they sort together in the inbox?

No, unfortunately not. The base of the ordering is the email address, not it’s alias.