Particular signature file to certain contacts?

Is there a way to link a particular signature file to certain contacts?
I would like to be able to use different sig files for different contacts without having to choose the file each time.

After playing around with eM Client for a while just now, I ‘discovered’ that I can make up a new mail ‘Template’ and put whatever sig file I  want to attach to it.

I just named it with the person’s name that I want to use that particular sig file for.

If there is a different way to do this, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Here is the sig file I just made up to attach to all my brother’s emails:

  - - -


  • Being ‘determined’ is good.
  • Being ‘tenacious’ is also good.
  • Being ‘persistent’ is even better, and sometimes pays off!
  • But with me, it is never**  a little ‘problem’**
  • or a ‘concern’.
  • And it’s never, EVER**  just a ‘struggle’,**
  • …or a '** conflict **’,
  • …or even a '** battle **’.
  • It always seems to be a F–KIN’  WAR !!!    ![]( “Image null”)  <=== with the head-banging a brick wall animated gif file.

Hello Bob,
signatures usually differ based on your mail account, not the mail address of the recipient, so this option isn’t present in eM Client.
You can, however, as you discovered, make different Templates (and Signatures).
You can then choose the template before creating the message:

Or choose the signature using the toolbar in the Message window:

I believe the second option is a bit more convenient (with possibility of keyboard shortcuts for different signatures) but that is entirely up to one’s preference.