Parsing Contacts Created in eM Client in Fruux via CardDAV

When I create a new contact populate the Full Name field with the combined name of a couple (e.g., John & Mary Smith), two problems emerge: 1) eM Client auto-populates the File As field as “Mary Smith, John &” when the “correct” result would be “Smith, John & Mary”; 2) when this contact goes to CardDAV server (in my case, Fruux), it comes back (in this case, to my iPad) with the First Name field containing “John,&” and the Last Name field containing “Mary Smith”. The expected result would be First Name = “John & Mary” and Last Name = “Smith.”

Open Tools - Settings - Contacts and change the option File as to “Name Surname”. Hope it helps.

I appreciate the suggestion, but this prevents me from sorting alphabetically by last name, which is what most people want. Shouldn’t it work irrespective of this setting?

We will focus on it and will try to fix it.

Hi Sam,

as I use eM Client with fruux and eM Client with iCloud, too:

  1. Did you succeed in synchronizing contact images from eM Cliet via fruux to iOS and vice versa? (no image ever reaches iOS)

  2. Same with iCloud? (Found some strange things here!)

In my case …
• I never received a contact image on iOS
• Some contacts got malformed in a way I cant find out: iOS 6 downloads and downloads and downloads the cardDAV contacts for weeks non-stop, draining the battery within hours. Some of my fruux-Accounts to, some not. Some of the tested iCloud-accounts do, some not. All iOS devices tested behave the same with the same account (fail or success). The only connection between all of those setups is that an eM Client is also connected to the failing account. Once I uncheck the contacts part of the account on the iOS device (iPhone, iPad) the download from fruux resp. icloud stops.

  1. Did you notice a similar behaviour?


Hi, Stromfahrer!

I haven’t thought about the images issue since I’m so focused on the data! I’m afraid I haven’t had any experience with it. Glad you wrote, though, Let’s keep in touch.

Thanks for the fast reply.

If you already have an eM Client/fruux/iOS account setup it would be of great help to know s.o. else can reproduce it. Can you effort 5 minutes (if accouts are already set) for a short test?

Just add a contact image in eM Client and check if you can receive it via fruux on your iOS device.

I checked 7 iOS devices with five fruux accounts and two iClouds without success.
But says it should work.

I’m going to be away from my devices for a few hours but I’ll give it a shot later tonight.

Hi Sam,

did you ever receive contact photos for contacts that synced FROM eM Client via fruux to iPhone?

(Note: If there is another contact record for the same person already on the iPhone the contacs app might gather the photo from another account. That might look as if the sync via fruux has gone through.)


I have tried to do recreate your issue, but I am having troubles adding photo on fruux website to my contact is it even possible?

In eM Client I can add photo to it but it simply does not synchronize to the server and because of this it does not synchronize to iPhone (also tested on mine)

I will contact Fruux support and will try to learn more.


Its not possible to add a photo on the fruux web interface.

In order to see the photo that came from eM Client in fruux web interface you will need to take some minutes and empty the browser cache! (Strg+Shift+Del).

During my tests the image arrived in fruux no matter on what side I added it (iOS or eM Client).

Image works: iOS => fruux > eM Client (crop frame is lost)
Image works: eM Client => fruux > other eM Client
Image works: eM Client => fruux (clear browser cache to see or sync other eM Client instance)
Image does not work: eM Client => fruux => iOS

Their support has responded to me, and confirmed what you have written here meanwhile.

Anyway I have forwarded their response to my superiors and they will decide if we will look at it or not.

with best regards

By the way, the contact images problem exists since early versions of eM Client.
Only GDATA works as exspected. CardDAV fails nearly any provider, only fruux seems to receive the data.

Image does not work: eM Client to/from iCloud
Image does not work: eM Client to/from Memotoo
Image does not work: eM Client to/from (AirSync)
Image does not work: eM Client to/from Yahoo!

I have sent this to another colleague who works on this. Now I will need to wait for his response.



so this issue will be repaired in 6th version - photos in Memotoo, iCloud and Fruux will be shown on iOS devices too.

with regards

Good promise.
Will it come true?
I’ll stay tuned.

I have this information from colleague who has worked on it so yes, it is true :slight_smile:

with regards