Park email and more

I’m trying hard to convert to em coming from The Bat.

What I’m missing is ‘park email’, means getting a warning when I try to delete it. I know I can enable delete confirmation but that’s not the point and rather annoying when the inbox is full.

The UI looks a bit like my iphone apps, pale and boring. How do I get rid of the windows caption on top?

Something more important. I know the time stamp when I receive an email but I also want to know when it was created. Important because I’m not sitting at the computer the whole day, so I receive all at the same time but wouldn’t know which one to reply first.

That’s it for now, there might be more later :wink:

I also would like to know the costs of a lifetime license b4 I buy the pro version. At the moment it asks for a license key to tell me this.

the price for the lifetime upgrades is actually mentioned on that same page above the activation text field, under “Purchase lifetime upgrades for eM Client”

I’m looking into your other problems presently.

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the “park” feature is indeed not present in eM Client, but I recommend posting this as an idea to the forums, so when we review the features that the users are missing, we go through the forum idea topics and look for the most discussed ones.

You can change the looks of the app slightly in Tools > Settings > Appearance > Themes. You can choose from the default themes or download some that other users have made, for example here >…
I’m afraid I don’t know which windows caption you mean, can you screenshot it?

As for the timestamp of received emails, that can’t be changed, really, but you shouldn’t have to know which emails were created first to know which were received first - the time stamp is of the time the mail was received on your server, not the time you opened the application and received it in eM Client. So if you go bottom to top of your new emails, you should be replying in correct order.

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Thank you for your replies, please feel free to move this message wherever you like to.

So its those £30 on top there :wink:

Here is a screen shot, the top section every window has. Some programmes can hide that.

I see what you mean now, unfortunately you can’t hide it with eM Client.
But we’re changing up the UI of version 7, which we’ll hopefully announce soon, so maybe that will be more to your liking.

Im changing the thread to an idea topic now.

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Alright, I will patiently await v. 7 then.

One more thing.

Would it be possible to add an option to mark trash and junk emails automatically as read? Or am I just not seeing it?