Paid Version

at one point i ws asked to purchase the program, at the time i was not sure i was going to use it and now i am sure but dont know how to pay but the program is running fine, does the other version have more features and will this one stop working in a set time period?

Hi Miguel, after downloading the application there’s a 30 day trial running, allowing you to use the full capability of eM Client for this period, after these initial 30 days you can either get a free license if you’re using the application for home/personal use only - the free version has a limited use of two accounts only.
If you’re using the application for business/commercial use you’re not allowed to use the free license and you have to purchase a license.

You can purchase the application on our website here:

Also note that we have a one license per computer, so if you’re using multiple computers you need a license (seat) for every computer you use.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions or contact for more information about the pricing.