Page up/down doesn't work as expected

In a mail item window, page down moves the cursor to the bottom of the mail without changing the view, and page up moves the cursor to the top of the mail without changing the view. Hitting the up or down arrow keys moves the cursor and changes the view to be at the cursor location.

The page up/down behavior that I expect is that page up/down moves both the cursor and the view by a set number of lines – say 15-20. This makes navigating through long emails (particularly replies where I may want to reply to different paragraphs individually) much easier. It’s also standard page up/down behavior. Can you consider building this in?

can you please create a video capturing this issue? I have tested it right now and could not simulate the issue.….

So there are two specific issues:

  1. Page up/down moves the cursor all the way to the start or the end, rather than around 10-20 lines (this may not be so clear from the video, because it’s a short email, but it happens)

  2. Page up/down moves the cursor without changing the view; only typing or using the arrow keys changes the view.

Hope this helps. Thanks for getting back to me.

Thank you very much. I was able to simulate the issue now and our developers are already working on the fix.

Is this still being worked on?   Still exists in version 6.0.20498.0.  Makes it impractical to read emails with the keyboard, which I like to do.  Thanks