owncloud Contact disapears in emClient after creation, when adding a profile picture

Hi there,

May I kindly ask for some help? :slight_smile:

I’ve tried out emClient for a few days now, and I really like it. Unfortunately there is one major problem though, which prevents me from buying it.

I’m operation an owncloud 8.2.3 at a local german hoster. Syncing calendar works, which is cool. Syncing contacts also works - as long as I’m not trying to do anything with profile images.

To create a contact in my owncload I can do this a) from my ownclouds web interface or b) from emClient using CardDAV. Both approaches are working.

When I’m now adding profile picture to a contact using ownclouds web interface, this contact is properly synced to emClient via CardDAV. Picture will be shown in emClien aswell.

Now, when making some adjustments to this contact using emClient locally the contact visually disappears in emClient after syncing it to owncloud. In my owncloud, however, the contact is still there, but the picture is broken.

Removing the picture in owncloud by using the web interface mostly makes the contact appear in emClient again.

Also, when creating a new contact in my owncloud using the emClient the contact disappears immediately after syncing, when choosing to include a profile picture.

I’m pretty sure the problems are related to the profile pictures, and that it is emClient who complicates things, as the owncloud used to work without any problems before emClient.

Any chance to get you guys to put an eye or two on this? I will be happy to provide logfiles and whatever necessary, to get this fixed. For a fully working product I will be happy to buy a license as well :slight_smile:




Yes, logfiles would be best - to enable logging, please go to tools>settings>advanced and check the CardDAV checkbox under your account and send the logfiles to adler@emclient.com so I can look into this further. Thank you.


Any findings with this? Same issue here…
emclient 6.0.24928.0
owncloud 8.1

Not yet. I’ve sent logs and stuff to David already. Guess he is on it and will need some time figuring this out. Hopefully :slight_smile:


We’re working hard on resolving this issue. Gute Fee, you can help us in the meantime by sending me the CardDAV logs the same way I described to Martin - include creating the contact with avatar and without. Turn on logging before you do this (and don’t forget to restart eM Client so logging can start.)

Thank you.


Hi David,

have you received my additional logs and stuff? I’ve sent it in on April 13th. If yes, any chance for getting an update? My emClient tells me that my trial ends in 2 days, and that I need to decide in purchasing or not. If you can solve my problem I’m happy to purchase a license afterwards :slight_smile:



Hello Martin,

Yes I have, however we’re still trying to find out how to fix the issue - we hope to have an answer and a solution asap. Sorry to keep you waiting.


Hi all,

maybe I made some progress today…

While having to renew my owncloud installation, I just played around a bit with contacts ex- and importing. Some vcf files re-imported resulted in disappeared contacts (all those with avatars actually) But some imported vcf files worked. So I compared the file contents and found differences found (related to the photos) within the vcf sets as follows:

not working:




Verified by substituting all the wrong occurences of “PHOTO:data:image/jpeg;base64,” in a not working vcf file with “PHOTO;TYPE=JPEG;ENCODING=b:” (using Notepad++) did the trick for me.
After re-importing the modified vcf file everything was fine.
What I did not yet test again, if this changes the fact, that editing contacts with avatars would again made them disappear in em client.
But, having an idea, which syntax does not work, might help solving the issue soon hopefully.
Good luck!

Regards, Uwe

Hey David,

it’s a month now since I’ve submitted more debugging information. Can you please give me some status information?

  1. Can you confirm that there IS a bug in emClient?
  2. If yes, do you know how to fix it?
  3. Is there any timeplan for fixing?
    I’ve signed up for a free licence in the meantime. However, if this issue won’t be fixed in the future I will need to look on evaluating another client. I’m working a lot with CalDAV and not being able to use pix with emClient isn’t an option :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,


Any update?