outlook server is wrong by default

The server for an outlook.com email address is incorrect. I think it gets set to m.hotmail.com and I had to set it to s.outlook.com.


Both addresses are correct, m.hotmail.com and s.outlook.com provide the same functionality for AirSync. If one doesn’t work however, feel free to change it to the other one.


Interesting, perhaps it was a temporary issue on Microsoft side that day. Thank you for your reply.

For Outlook.com mail, you may need to set the server to outlook.live.com

I had sync errors using outlook.live.com which ended when I changed the server addy to s.outlook.com

This is my experience, only s.outlook.com

both s.outlook.com and m.hotmail.com don’t work for me as doesn’t the imap settings. I have used the suggested port numbers. I cannot send mails but receive them. I have version 7.0.25432.0