Outlook Mail

How do I transition my @msn.com accounts to Exchange (EWS) on Outlook.com?  I have 3 email accounts on outlook.com.  1 @outlook.com (attached via EWS), 2 @msn.com (attached via IMAP, etc.), all on emClient v7…  Overnight Outlook transitioned my @msn.com accounts to Outlook Mail (from DeltaSync to Exchange Outlook365 server).  I prefer using EWS rather than IMAP.  So, I used 1 @msn account as a test.  I moved all emails to a local storage file.  I deleted that account in emClient.  I then added a new account using the same credentials as the one I deleted.  I attempted to set it up using the Exchange feature.  Results - server not found.  I checked with Microsoft Support and they told me EWS is for business clients only.  That doesn’t make sense because I have 1 account connected via EWS and it is a personal account.

Can anyone shed any light on this?  IMAP still works with the @msn.com accounts.


UPDATE 7/3/16 4:47 pm - I tried deleting and adding one account again and this time it partially worked.  Mail seems to be okay, but contacts won’t sync.  Error says invalid data source operation, could not access Active Directory.  So I have lost my contacts.  However, when I go to Menu/Tools/Contacts, I see them under All Contacts.  I’m totally confused.