Outlook Mail Sync

eM Client Stopped syncing with Outlook.com

eM Client worked OK for about 4 weeks and then just stopped, won’t sync with Outlook.com. Even when the password is correct just doesn’t link with outlook.com!

I removed eM Client from my system and then reinstalled it and problem solved. Perhaps it will work long than a few weeks this time!

Hello Reuben,
apparently there has been a temporary server error with MS accounts, so perhaps that could have been the cause of the issue.
If it returns though, please add the error message and the log tab from the operations window.


Tengo el Mismo problema.- No sincroniza.- Indica error de contraseña pero la contraseña es correcta.- 

El problema es que indica error cuando se va a sincronizar.- 
Ya borre la cuenta y la cargue nuevamente y continua con el mismo problema.- 
Con la otra cuenta de Hotmail no tengo problemas.- 

The problem is that it indicates an error when it will be synchronized.-Now delete the account and load it again and continue with the same problem.-
With the other account of Hotmail I have no problems.-

Thank you for the responses guys…