Outlook is working but em Client is not working

I like em Client and problem is my working email is not working with em Client. I have a company email which is working well in mobile outlook and outlook in windows 10. I brought email setting from outlook or even input same information manually, but em client says that it has problem to connect to the server. I set up IMAP setting. I can see the list of email in the em client but cannot read meassage.

I consulted to the email service company but they recommend to contact em Client because outlook is working well.

I don’t like to use outlook, and I like to use em Client. But it is not working.

Did you setup your IMAP email account via the automatic email wizard or manual setup ?

Is your company email account a domain exchange Outlook account ?

Lastly what version of eM Client are you running ?

I manually set up IMAP setting as my email provider suggested.
I am currently using em client 7 where I have my license.


Not an outlook exchange

I can see the list of email in the em client but cannot read message

Can you do a screenshot of where you can see the list of messages, but cannot read them. Blackout anything personal.

Also what are your company IMAP & SMTP manual mail server settings you tried with ports & protocols etc. Also does your server need 2FA (two factor) authentication or an App password.

I am currently using em client 7 where I have my license.

If you have eM Client Pro with a “current pro paid yearly active membership”, you can raise a VIP support request via the Pro support page.

If you have a free eM Client licence, I would suggest to update to at eM Client V8 or the latest V9 as the program now supports alot more of the newer mail server formats and features as well as newer OAuth connection standards.

Could possibly be that you now need the newer mail client V8 or V9 to support your company mail server. Mail servers update so your mail client might also need to update to fix the problem.

You could for a test backup eM Client V7 via “Menu / File / Backup” and then copy that backup.zip file to another folder as when you upgrade to the later eM client mailers that also upgrades your eM Client database & cannot be used again with eM Client V7 if you restore. The backup zip file is normally located in your user profile / documents / eM Client folder. You can also go to “Menu / Settings” and there is a “Backup location” listed under “General”.

Then once you have the V7 backup.zip file safely copied to another folder, download the most recent version 8 or 9 from the version history page and install. Make sure you close eM Client before installing / upgrading.

If you have any problems, you can then allways uninstall V8 or V9 and delete the database when asked on uninstall and then re-download the latest V7 from the version history page above and install. Skip the mail setup on V7 install and then restore your eM Client backup.zip you created via “Menu / File / Restore”. But hopefully all will work ok with the newer eM Client mailers to fix that issue.

thanks a lot. i was loking for what vip support and it seems that i can get technical support. I will try.
thanks a lot.

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