Outlook import removes attachments from signed messages

I tried to import a PST from Outlook 2013 containing digitally signed messages with PDF attachment (invoices). The messages were imported, but the attachments are all gone. This is a showstopper for migration to eM.

Hi, I was able to import by drag and drop without any problem, could you tell me step by step how you have achieved this error?


I performed import of entire PST file: File / Import / Import from Microsoft Outlook. Selected file, chose to import the contents into a new folder. I don’t have MS Outlook on this computer so I can’t try drag & drop.

If you do not have installed outlook on your computer how can you import from it?

You can export some of your signed email/s with attachment on other computer and then drag and drop it into eM Client.


To clarify the situation: I recently bought a new computer because my old one died. I used to use Outlook on my old computer and the PST file originates there. My new computer doesn’t have Outlook installed, all I have is the PST. I used PST import function in eM as described in my previous message to load entire PST at once.

Is there a way to import the messages without actually installing Outlook? I’d like to avoid that, if possible.

I’ve also noticed that items in Notes folder were not imported at all. I know it is a different item type (IPM.Note) so I just need a confirmation if this is expected?

Notes will not be imported, because eM Client does not support them, but those .pst files should be imported without problem.

Can you make sure that they still have attachments inside them? As I wrote I have no trouble importing emails with attachments using drag and drop.