outlook import dont work well


I was searching a long time for a good alternative to outlook, and finally I found em client. It’s a very good program, but I have some questions:

  • Is there a manual?
  • I have done a import from outlook (2010), but in the inbox some mails are missing. After the import I got the message that 6 errors have occurred (I am missing more mails in the inbox), but not what errors (is there a error.log?). The other categories (like delete messages, transmitted messages, etc.) seem to be complete. I don’t think that I am doing something wrong with the import.
  • how do I use the rss-feeds? Can I use the rss-feeds I have in outlook? Is there a way to add rss feeds from website directly to em client? In outlook you only click on the feed and can put it directly in the rss-feeds from outlook.


Ps: sorry for my bad engish


1, please write me at galis@emclient.com

  1. go to tools - setting - advanced - global and mark off Import, restart client and try to import again.
    then send me them to galis@emclient.com together with this address:

3: Tools - settings - widgets - add new widget and there you can put your RSS feed address.
There is no way how to add RSS directly from web.