Outlook Express - gone but we won't give it up

I am an Outlook Express refugee. Micro$oft took away our stationery making ability with Windows Live Mail. There are thousands of people out there that are looking for a stand alone mail client that can do all the perks of stationery - the three tabs of Outlook Express (edit-source-preview), scrolling backgrounds, music, popups (no, this is a good thing lol), transitions, meta-creations, javascript, etc. Many if not most of us in the stationery groups in Yahoo and news groups get several hundred stationeries a day. I (we) beg of you - please can you perhaps make a special edition of emclient for us so we can continue with our beautiful stationery? That will work in all versions of Windows. Thank you ever so much, Sue

Cloudeight (yes, THE Cloudeight of stationery fame also posted about em client using html code (and with the 3 tabs please here) here: