Outlook.com syncing with multiple computers

Now that MS has converted most (or at least mine) hotmail.com to outlook.com accounts, there’s a feature in Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 (as opposed to em client) where MS fully supports syncing an outlook.com account with multiple computers.  I’m not talking about IMAP support and leaving copies on the server.  Supposedly outlook.com uses EAS now and you can sync mailboxes (I don’t care about calendars) across multiple computers via Outlook 2016 (maybe 2013 as well).


Hopefully I’m describing what I *think* Outlook 2016 does (with outlook.com), and want to know if there’s a way to do it with em client.

OK, maybe this will help?

Seems it’s definitely possible with the Outlook 2016 client, but anyone know if EM Client can do this as well?


I have the paid version, is this something I Need to open a ticket to find out?

OK, so figured I had nothing to lose.  It seems if you use the auto-setup and enter a hotmail.com or outlook.com you lose the sync feature.

If you “lie” to it and tell it you are using Exchange Server, and enter your hotmail/outlook account info, then it functions like Outlook does in the sense that it syncs things between multiple workstations via the outlook.com servers.

So it does work, at least for mail.  I haven’t tried address books or calendaring (I don’t use calendaring).