outlook.com: sync only calendar&contacts


I have a Windows Phone device, so I sync my calendar and contacs via outlook.com, but for my mails I’m using IMAP with another provider. That means that I don’t need to sync mails with outlook.com because the inbox will always be empty.

So I want to ask if there is a possibility to tell eM Client just to sync the calendar and contacts with outlook.com without syncing the mailbox?
Synchronization using the AirSync-protocol seems pretty slow compared to IMAP and Cal-/CardDAV, so I would like to exclude the mail folders which I never use from the synchronization.

Is that possible? If it’s not, would you please consider adding this setting in a future release of eM Client?

Hello, unfortunately it is currently not possible to synchronize your Calendars and Contacts only using AirSync, however you can setup the Mail service using IMAP on Outlook.
The protocol can currently synchronize all your items at once, including Mail, Calendars and Contacts, but we’re working on separating these two services for future releases of eM Client.

Unfortunately Hotmail/Outlook.com accounts currently do not support CalDAV and CardDAV so AirSync is currently the only option.