Outlook.com sync errors

I’m currently evaluating eM Client, and so far it’s looking good, but there is one issue.

I keep getting sync errors for my Outlook.COM account. Most of the time it’s an error 
when syncing the calendar, but I have seen it on other folders as well.

The error message reads:
Synchronizing folder 'xxxxx@live.be/Agenda" failed due to the following error: The remove server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.

This is not a configuration problem, as the account does work from time to time.

Any ideas?

I’ve seen this many times as well.

Ditto. I did get a response from Support (Pro License) asking to setup the hotmail/outlook account as an ‘Other’ mail account. It seems to be happening less but still does happen.

Seems like this only happens when the mail tab is selected. Once you select the calendar tab, it syncs without a problem. Weird.