Outlook.com not working

I’ve newly added my outlook-account, but it isn’t accessible by eM Client, this is the log:

IMAP-Server is imap-mail.outlook.com (I’ve tried outlook.office365.com as well, without success), the port is 993 (SSL/TLS); any further ideas?

This is the log:
[IMAP] MailClient.Protocols.Imap.ImapException: Bei der IMAP-Verbindung ist ei bekannter Fehler des Microsoft Exchange Servers “Authentifizierung des Nutzers erfolgreich, aber keine Verbindung hergestellt” aufgetreten. Es handelt sich um einen temporären Fehler, der automatisch vom Server behoben werden sollte. Wenn das Problem auch weiterhin besteht, kontaktieren Sie bitte Ihren E-Mail-Provider.
[AirSync] MailClient.Storage.Application.OperationException: Die Synchronisation der Ordnerliste ist fehlgeschlagen mit folgendem Fehler: The remote server returned an error: (503) Service Unavailable.

I have the same Problem!
2 Accouts at outlook.com, same settings in both, 1 work others have the same Problem.
Thunderbird is working… with both
Clean Installation of em Client also not help…

Some Idea?

If the two accounts are setup exactly the same, so same host, port and security policy, then it may be a server/account issue if one is connecting and one is not.

Best would be to contact the provider and ask.

Incidentally, the setting should be:
Host: imap-mail.outlook.com
Port: 993
Security policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

Solved for me!
I have added an E-Mail Alias from other Domain (and DNS Server) this was chosen as primary Alias.
(This setting was chosen because I use this before for Windows and for Microsoft Apps only.)
Now i choose the standard xxx@outlook.com als primary, then it works for me.