Outlook.com issues

Outlook.com has changed the rules associated to their processing of junk mail. Any emails that may go to junk, no longer display their content in the eM client interface. I have found that if I login via web browser and move them to the inbox, they still are unable to display the content in the eM Client interface.

I removed my accounts and have attempted to re-add it but am presented with the following screen, which does not allow me to continue the configuration of the account process.

Before you had deleted your account, you could have checked the special folder names in your IMAP settings for the Junk folder. It may be that nothing was showing because you had the wrong name, therefore a blank folder in eM Client.

Yes, the OAuth screen should have looked a little different.

To clear the OAuth and try again, login to Outlook.com

Click your user icon at top right, and select View Account.

Click Privacy on the menu bar. Scroll down to Apps and Services. There you will see eM Client listed. Click on Edit and Remove permissions.

Try and setup your account again and see if there is any change.