Outlook.com email upgrades in 2016

I just got an email from Outlook.com saying that Microsoft will begin “upgrading” Outlook.com accounts rendering Windows Live Mail inoperative. (unable to receive email). Microsoft recommends switching to Microsoft Mail, but that doesn’t support local folders, so I’m looking for an alternative.

Will eM Client be compatible with the new Outlook upgrades happening in June?


I got that same letter some time ago, and when Windows Live Mail 2012 would no longer work on my Windows 10 Pro 64-bit computer (I get an error message when trying to open it, and uninstalling and reinstalling will not fix the problem), I tried Windows Mail, and it’s absolutely terrible for anyone but the most basic of email users.  Why Microsoft would push users of Window Live Mail to it is extremely difficult for me to comprehend.    

Because Windows Live Mail would no longer work on my computer, I was forced to find an email client similar to Windows Live Mail that could handle my email addresses, still find all my folders with saved emails, contacts and calendar settings that were available in Windows Live Mail. eM Client did that.  

Regarding your question about Outlook.com, I would imagine that if Outlook upgrades affect how email is retrievable from their website, I’m certain the developers here will upgrade their software.  However, if Microsoft understands their customers at all, changing the way email is retrieved from their site should be the last thing they do.  But hey, it’s Microsoft and they want us to switch to the extremely inadequate Windows Mail. So, who knows what they will do?   

Having said all I’ve said, I would imagine you would like something official from the developers here…  I’m just a user. :slight_smile:


We’re aware of the Microsoft “upgrades” and for now, while AirSync continues to fail, we recommend users setting up their Outlook accounts via IMAP instead of AirSync and to only use AirSync for Calendar and Contacts.
This will change in June however, when all Outlook accounts are switched over to Exchange.

We will eventually reconfigure the automatic setup to use Exchange for Outlook/Hotmail accounts (for some accounts this method actually already works!) but for now we’re waiting until all Outlook accounts are migrated.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your fast response.  So, if I use eM Client via IMAP with my Outlook account, will I experience any interruption in email service when Microsoft does the “upgrade”?


I am also in the same situation. Today I started using Em Client, I imported my 2 accounts straight from Windows Live Mail. So far I have 2 issues:

  1. In my inbox I  see emails up to 2009 , and some of today’s emails. Basically I am missing over 6 years of emails. (on the outlook.com site they are all there)

  2. I am using windows 10, I did setup Em Client as default email APP, but every time I am trying to open a document or a picture and email it, it is asking me to setup Outlook email client. Same thing happens if I just right click on a file . send to mail.

Please advise.