Outlook.com does not fully load

Outlook.com calendar does not fully load in em client.

I always have to refresh it, or re-save all appointments in the web version of outlook.com.

How do I keep the agenda up-to-date and can I assume that the calendar events in em-client are reliable?

If your outlook.com account was added to eM Client by Automatic Setup, it unfortunately uses the AirSync protocol to sync the calendar and contacts. I have never found that option very reliable.

What you can do is remove the account from eM Client, then add it again as an Exchange account. Instead of entering your email address in the Automatic Setup, choose Mail > Exchange. This uses EWS, which is very reliable. Exchange accounts have many other benefits over IMAP/AirSync.

 have now installed exchange. Unfortunately, I continuously receive a 503 error message. After two hours, my agenda is not yet visible. Am I doing something wrong?

Can you disable your anti-virus application and see if there is any difference?

Otherwise, contact outlook.com support and ask them about the 503 error.

It still doesn’t work.
I send an email to support.