outlook.com Alias

ich habe mal eine Frage in Bezug auf den eM Client.
Ist es möglich von meinem outlook.com alle Alias’ zu importieren bzw mit zubenutzen (allen voran als Neue Mail).
Ich habe zwar unten Konten Alias gefunden aber leider taucht nur die Primär- / Konto-Alias auf.

Vielen Dank vorab schon einmal :slight_smile:

Hi, you should be able to add your existing aliases into eM Client under the account settings, navigate to Tools > Accounts > Your account and select Aliases. Add the addresses you have linked with your account and you should be able to send new message and replies by using the alias as your email address.

When a message is received to one of your aliases, using the reply button should automatically assign the alias as the from address for this reply.

Hope this help,

I know this is 3 months old…

But I just went through this BIG TIME with Microsoft.

There IS NO WAY to send email from an Outlook.com Alias address.   Not from third-party software, Not from ANY Android or iPhone email applications…not even Outlook (PC) 20007 or 2003.  NONE of them can do this.  It has nothing to do with EM Client. 

It is a basic function of the outlook.com service and the way Microsoft built it.   The ONLY way to send email from an alias address is by logging into the website through a browser.  Otherwise, all email are automatically “sent” from your default address.  This is confirmed by an Outlook.com service manager I dealt with.

At least EM Client has a trick up it’s sleeve that helps this situation…  I set up the Outlook.com website as a Widget.  It stays open and allows me to send an email “directly” from the website.  The only down-side is that CUT and PASTE functions don’t work.

As for Microsoft, Outlook.com, and the aliases…yet another example of how they totally SCREWED it up.  I’ve used it for two years and they can’t get their act together.  I used my tablet and phone to send email for a year before I finally discovered that they weren’t arriving from the sending Alias addresses, but my default one.  Aliases are absolutely worthless based on this and I am personally ditching Outlook.com soon. 

Hope this helps