Outlook.com agenda does not appear in EM Client

I have reset my outlook.com account via exchange. The e-mail, tasks and contacts are synchronized. Unfortunately the agenda is not. (I reinstalled the account for the second time.) EM client no longer displays errors) What do I have to adjust to get the agenda visible in EM client. When I enter an agenda item in EM client, it appears in the web version of outlook.

Is the little coloured box next to the calendar name ticked?

Yes, it is

You can right-click on the calendar and choose Properties , then tick the option to Show in Agenda.

 I did, but it don’t work

And you are sure there are existing events in that calendar?


My complete schedule is in the outlook.com agenda

I know these problems do arise when the account is setup as IMAP/AirSync, but in my experience, connecting with Exchange/EWS it syncs just fine.

If you have a Pro License, I suggest opening a support ticket with eM Client. They will be able to assist you further.