Outlook calendar in em

My organization use outlook and I started using em and it’s awesome, but I have two questions:

  1. When I get an invitation to a calendar event, I’d like an option to click on a link and open the event on the calendar, but I didn’t see any option for that. Is it possible?
  2. My organization enables calendar sharing where I can view my coworkers calendars. How can I do it on the em client?


Hi Zorner, you should be able to view the events in the Invite tab on the right, on some servers it might be needed to react to the invite first (tentative/accept) to view it.

When you create an event, there is a “Schedule” button that can be used to view the availability of the other attendee’s availability.

Thank you, but that’s not exactly what I meant.

  1. I’m aware of the invite tab, but I would like to be able to quickly navigate to the event when I see the invitation mail, not scroll through all my invites.

  2. I want to be able to view my coworkers full calendar (with descriptions) and not only availability. In outlook I can view ones calendar if it is shared with me.