Outlook account vanishes

I was looking at emails with emclient when suddenly the Hotmail account vanished, no folders and no Contacts. Checking User, Roaming, emclient I find that all data for the account had gone. The Hotmail settings looked fine.

I uninstalled emclient and re-installed. The stored account settings allowed immediate recovery of folders and Contacts via synch.

This is very unusual. I place this here as a record just in case another has the same problem.
Before uninstalling  I tried an emclient repair but this did not fix the problem.

in which version of eM Client did his happen? Can you copy the full number from Menu>Help>About section.
Also, is you Hotmail account set up as IMAP or Exchange?


Thanks Olivia. Version 7.0.27943.0. Yes Hotmail account is Exchange

Hello,\that is indeed very strange. Was there any error message when the folders disappeared?

Incredible, no error message just the whole account data vanishing before my eyes in a flash.