Outlook account tags Sync

Hello Folks,
I have been using Outlook accounts that were configured using “Add Account” wizard and selecting “Outlook” option. I believe the account was configured as IMAP.
Now since 2-3 days there is a sync issue, opened up a case and it’s said the problem is at Microsoft end and the certificate used for OAuth is not being accepted.
Can’t really understand why Microsoft will stop something that was working since long.
Anyways, so while the Sync was working, I tagged few emails 50+ or so.

To resolve the issue, I have setup the Outlook account as “Microsoft Exchange” Account, with some workaround.
Now I am not sure, how can I move those Tags back to newly configured account. I am worried that won’t be possible as the eMClient Tags does not get Sync’d with Outlook.com.

Thought to ask you guys, if any solution is available.


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