Outlook 2003 email importing problems

eM Client 5.0.18025.0

When I am importing emails from PST files (Outlook 2003), some emails are not imported. eM Client says its number (about 25%), but nothing more specific. So I don’t know, which of them are imported a which of them not.

I’ve tried import in Mozilla Thunderbird first and after that import from thunderbird to eM Client. Then there were imported all emails, but mozilla can ́t read recipent address in sent mails, because of outllok 2003 addressing of recently used contact. Recieved emails was OK.

Transfering to IMAP via Outlook 2003 is very slowly and risky (very often stucking in the middle of the process).

So, I dont know, how to safely continue without losing emails.

would you please send us the PST file so we can test it and possibly find the cause of the problem? I can assure you that all your privacy will be preserved,
Let me know.

[email protected]

OK, that will be a small problem, because because, that’s not happening on my computer, but the other one - I don’t have it at home now. When I get it, I can export a part of PST file, which is doing that.

And also, I have made some research and I think, the trouble is with the recently used contacts (auto-complete list in outlook) without specified email adress. Thunderbird also can’t read the recipient adress.

OK, thank you for the info.