Outgoing emails not being sent but sit in Outbox

When I try to send a message, it will often (not always) wind up in the Outbox instead of being sent. I have to click on Send&Receive many times, and even then it may or may not get sent. Othertimes, the message gets sent immediately. I had some important emails just sitting in the Outbox for a few days, when I thought they had been sent!

Hi, what mail service are you using? And can you tell me the version of your eM Client (Help > About) that you’re currently using as well?

Thank you,

Me too, I will post as a new message.

I also can not send email. What do I have to do? I am using emclient 6.0. email address is ykkim@dkinter.co.kr

could you please try sending another email and replicate the issue or hit Send and Receive all and then go to Tools > Operations > Log and copy the content of this tab here? Is there any error message?


Was there ever a resolution to this?  Mine started doing this a couple of days ago…

This is an old thread, and the posters never replied to any of the eM Client staff questions, so I guess it was never finalized.

Jim, are you getting any errors? You will find these in Menu > Tools > Operations, and they would be listed in the Errors tab.

A common problem with not being able to send email is that an anti-virus or firewall application is blocking the port. Can you completely disable these and see if that changes anything.

Another reason for email to be stuck in the Outbox is when you are using an alias that is a different domain to your email account, and the server is not accepting the message via SMTP.