outgoing email is being labelled as spam

suddenly all my outgoing email is being labelled as SPAM by the recipients. I have changed no settings nor in any other way modified the type of messages I send or the recipients I normally send to. Please advise; this is maddening. Thanks so much.

Hello Bob,

If this happens on the recipients’ end and you do not get any error messages, the problem unfortunately isn’t on your side. They could add you into their whitelist or should contact the server about what happens.


Hi Maurice,
Thanks for your response.  I understand and agree with the logic of your response, but based on the behavior I’m experiencing, I have to disagree that the error is on the side of the recipients for a couple of reasons:
a) I have talked to the recipients whom I know (all different email apps) and they have assured me that they have not enacted any spam rules for my messages (I have no reason to doubt this);
b) I have even tried sending messages to myself and those attempts have ended up in the spam folder on my web email, (where my eM Client cannot even access them) and I know I haven’t enacted any rules against my own mail.
So I have to conclude that the problem lies on my side.
More ideas are very welcome.