out of office

Is it possibe to set up out of office on the eM platform? I urgently need to set this up if it is possible?  thanks to anyone who replies.

I believe only if you are using exchange. With other providers such as gmail, you need to do it through their webmail settings.

Hello Paul,
if you have an Exchange account you can set up the Out of office Automatic reply in Menu>Tools>Automatic replies.
This feature was introduced in eM Client 7.

For other accounts you need to set this up on the server, unfortunately.


Hi Olivia,

I am having issues with out of office too. Some of the users on my network have the out of office option. Some have the option but its greyed out. Some don’t have the option at all?

Can you please advise me on how to get this option for all users? “For other accounts you need to set this up on the server” < would love to know where on the server!?

Many Thanks