Oulook.com shared calendar sync issue

On my hotmail account I have r/w access to shared calendar. The calendar has not been updating correctly the last few weeks so I deleted the account from eM client and did a new setup as a Exchang account.

It updates all folder correctly but when I try to create a new event in the shared calendar I get thes error messages and the event is not synchronized to outlook.com

An error occurred
The request is invalid. You request can’t be completed. You can’t change a Private calendar event on a calendar that’s been shared with you.

An error occurred
Synchronizing folder ‘me@hotmail.com/kontakter/’ failed due to the following error. Invalid data source operation., There was a problem accessing Active Directory. Check you network connection and try again.

same problem here with office 365 shared calendars
@emclient: plz support

Hello Erik and Phil,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please first verify that you have permissions to edit the event? If you do but it still gives you this error, we would please ask you to go to Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Advanced -> Logging and turn on logging for the ‘Exchange Web Services’ for the account that display the error message. The next time the errors you are describing pop up, please go again to Logging, click on Send Longs and send them to hester@emclient.com with a link to this thread.

Thank you,

Hi Maurice,
I saw my ticket has been closed (#43192). Are there any further informations why?
br, Philipp

Hi, your ticket has been closed as you are a Free license user and the ticket system serves only Pro customers. I have forwarded your message to hester@emclient.com (instead of support@emclient.com) and my colleague will be on it as soon as possible.


I apologize for the inaccurate information. eM Client 7.0 only supports delegated calendars with Exchange Web Services. The support of shared calendars with EWS will however be implemented in the next update, eM Client 7.1

Thank you for your patience,

Thx for the information! :slight_smile: is there any eta for 7.1?

Hello Phil,

The current estimation is about two months.


thx! really looking forward to it

Hey Maurice,
just tried the new 7.1 Beta. Unfortunately, shared calenders are still not working 100%.
Will this feature still be implemented or has it already been canceled?

Hello Phil,

The feature hasn’t been canceled, but the Beta version doesn’t have all of the functions implemented. The sharing is still in development and will be part of the final version of the program.