Ouch! many of my folders (IMAP) are not displaying older emails

I show 12 in my household folder, 147 on gmail (parent folder)
0 in my house folder 83 on gmail (child folder)
11 in my music folder 130 on gmail. (child folder)
1 in my medical folder 7 on gmail (child folder)

Total all mail count is correct as are receipts, bank emails utilities.
Some having to do with the Pandemic are not in their folders. All are on gmail.
I tried mailbird, all there, just not in em client.

By the way the version is 8.1.1087 (d63975c) and that cured the improper shutdown problem.

Its not a matter of being a sub folder. of 15 folders, 7 are lacking older emails.

I’d almost feel that the contents are being filtered by a search, but there is not search in


Well, I deleted the account and put it back and its seems to have rejuvenated!

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Another thing you can also try with Gmail (apart from removing and re-adding the account) as you did, is “Repair” the All Mail folder in Gmail which clears the local cache and re-syncs all Gmail online to your folders.

To do that “right click” on the Gmail “All Mail” folder in EMC and click “Properties” at the bottom. Then click the “Repair” tab at top right. You will see a repair button in there.

Once the repair is completed, close that window and then click refresh at the top left of eM Client and (give it some time) and all your email will usually start updating correctly in the EMC folders.