Organization Email not working requiring OAuth2

My organization’s email requires OAuth2 which I thought eM client offers but when I try to do it it’s not working. I have the latest version of eM client and I have the Pro version. I’ve tried both the automatic setup and the ‘other’ option in mail but it doesn’t work. On automatic setup it says AADSTS7000112: Application (eM Client) is disabled. I don’t have admin privileges so I won’t be able to change anything. Does my organization just not allow eM client to work? (Side note my organization’s outlook email works on the native Mail app to Windows and I can add gmails to eM client) Or does eM client just not work with OAuth2?

That means your organisation has banned eM Client from connecting using oAuth. You will need to ask them to allow eM Client, then try the automatic setup again.

eM Client fully supports oAuth.