Organising Contacts. Why can't I access sub-folders when selecting recipients

Organising Contacts
You can organise contacts in to seperate folders but what is the point if when selecting email recipients if you only get a list of all contacts jumbled up together. The sidebar is the same, you can’t just show a slected group. I want something like the old Outlook address book where you could access the different contact folders. Groups are no good as you don’t always want to send to evryone in a particular group. Is there a way of forcing it to look at the sub-folders & stop ‘All Contacts’ coming up. (This is my main reason for wanting out of Windows latest email programmes.)

I don’t get your point. You can select contact folder in both cases. When selecting recipients (contact folder combo box on the top) and on sidebar (once again combobox on the top).

Hi Michal, you’ll have to excuse a computer novice. When I send an email I click on ‘to’ and it brings up ‘All Contacts’ & so I have to go through every contact to select the various ones I want to send too. What I want to be able to do is select sub-folders of contacts so I only have to pick from a selected group. (I have captured the eM Clinet window but can’t see a way of downloading to this question)

If you have some screenshots that can provide more information about the issue, please send them to [email protected] or use function Add an image here at your answer.
In my opinion you can select contact subfolders in sidebar. It’s shown at my screenshot attached in red circle. Did you mean this selection or some other form somewhere else in our application (maybe in To line if you write new mail) ?