order of messages

Consider you use webmail to answer a few messages: the sent messages are not visible in emClient when using POP connection.
Usually, to workaround this I move the messages from sent box to received box in the webmail, it looks OK there.
But, when importing messages in emClient, all the moved ones (that are the sent from webmail) are placed at the to of the list with a date set to import one, not to sent one. I wonder the needed tag to order the messages is not available in the header of the message so it is set to current date as default.
Is there a way to arrange emClient to keep chronology of messages even with such “not really received messages”?

You could try sorting by Sent not Received as these are sent messages.

But best solution is to use IMAP not POP3, that way eM Client will automatically sync the messages with the server.

Hi Gary,
Where is this option?
In French version, I just have the following choices : .

If Sent is not available, then you are not in the Sent folder. However, you can add Sent to the list for other folders by right-click on one of the column headers, or the sort option, and choosing Columns Configuration. 

Then click on Sent and Add.

It should then appear in the options.

Yes, it works!
Added the Sent column on Reception folder and now I can sort the messages according to this transmission time and get the needed behaviour: the conversations are well managed.
Thanks for your efficient help.