Orange Triangle (Connection failed)

Hi, I updated to version 8 today but when I ran it showed me the orange triangle and the text “Connection failed due to temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Verify configuration or click the triangle to try to connect again” attached to the gmail account name.
It only happens with my 2nd gmail account, the first one runs (also gmail) ok. I read the forums and couldn’t find anything to solve my problem.

There were no problem with the previous version (except for the program crashing when typing in the search bar).

Are both accounts GMAIL accounts or just the one that can’t connect?

Both are gmail accounts

Do you have any errors logged? “Menu/operations/errors”?
Worth checking the settings for each email account “menu/accounts”.

No, but i checked the register and I solved the problem, although I had to reset settings. Thank you!

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Just out of interest - what “register” did you check to resolve the problem?