Option to "Never ask again" about Telemetry data

Where can I disable em Client from asking to submit telemetry data. I went through all the settings, but couldn’t find anything related. Why not have a “Never ask again” option in the confirmation dialog?

The option is Yes or No when prompted, and that is a one-time question. If you want to change your choice at a later time, you need to uninstall/re-install eM Client. There are no settings for this.

Unfortunately there also seems to be a bug that some are experiencing, so they are asked again, and again, and again . . . but the developers are working to fix that in the next release.

This got fixed originally, but sadly happens again in the 9th beta (built 231). Hope they will have it re-fixed…

When you install a beta, you will be asked.

Does it ask again after you decline?

I don’t think I’ve been asked during the installation, or I simply cannot recall it. I would have responded ‘NO’ anyway.

Yes, the issue is that the question pop-up comes back after every emClient startup. What’s even worse - when I respond ‘NO’ to it, after a couple of seconds I’m getting a client error saying “the communication with the previous instance failed”.

This is exactly what was happening with the first builts of the 8th version. I reported it to the devs then and they managed to remove this nag.