option to make calender snap to whole months?

Currently the calendar continuously scrolls week by week (when in month view). If I advance a few months forward my eyes get lost as to where the first of the month is.

I personally would like the option for the months to scroll a month at a time and then I would know that the first of the month is always on the top line. (just like if you were flipping through a paper calendar)

You can approximate this by using the scroll arrows next to the month name in the calendar header. If you’re on any week, it scrolls forward to the start of the next month.

thanks mike- you are (or were) right. I used to do that just as you say. Now I upgraded to version 6 and that works as you say. It approximately goes to the next month.

Oops. I haven’t upgraded yet and was unaware of that. I’ve been debating when/whether to upgrade and keep reading about things that don’t work here on this forum. This one issue wouldn’t be enough to hold off, but it does make me wonder about its overall maturity!

J - I’m a little confused. it looks like you changed your last post. So, is it working now in version 6 the way it did previously?

sorry for creating the confusion, no more editing posts for me.

In past versions i could be viewing a partial month on top and a partial month on the bottom of the screen. Then I would click the right arrow button and it would then view an entire month and if you kept clicking you would see the next entire month, the next entire month…

Now in version 6 if I start viewing December 2013 and then click the right arrow I will be viewing Jan 5-Feb8 2014, hit the arrow again and I get Feb 9-March15, hit the arrow again and I get March 16 - April 19.

I definitely prefer the past version and I don’t even know a work around. I do not like version 6.

I think I’m understanding how it now works - still don’t like it though.

When I start viewing the month of Dec 2013, the last day on the screen is Jan 4 2014. That seems to explain why the first day showing after a right arrow click is Jan 5.

I would also like to state for the record that I would like to see the months shaded in alternate colors so that you can easily see the month change and your eyes can quickly identify the start and end of the month. I used to use Outlook and I think that worked that way.