Option to change the color of the font for your account names!

I would like the option to change the color of the font for you account name in the left hand side of the screen under mail.

Windows Live Mail already has this feature.

Color and style - totally AGREE !!!

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately this feature is currently not on our roadmap for future updates, maybe in future releases.
You can check out how the version 7 will look like after it’s release on our facebook page, where we’ve posted first look at the new UI that we’re working on.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

The problem is that pictures have only one accout…
…so it seems that you never had to deal with 20 or more forder in two different acounts plus more then 30 windows open in your desktop calling to clients to sell and updating every step you do (hehehehe…) It really demand some difference between accounts (something that POPs up in your face)…

Hi Marcelo, I completely understand the issue, however the issue is currently not on the roadmap to upcoming releases, I believe you could avoid this by using smart folders for using your email, just let eM Client categorize your incoming email and assign a different color for the received messages, using smart folders you can quickly navigate to your incoming email using the colour codes assigned by eM Client.

To automatically assign categories use Rules.

Hope this helps,