operations window opens frequently and won't automatically close

I’ve made sure the option “show window when an error occurs” is NOT checked/marked. However, the operations window [not errors or log window] opens frequently and won’t automatically close.  I must do it manually.  How can I get it to stop opening especially since the operations window is blank? 

Thank you.

Hi, not completely sure what you’re referring to, the operations window can only be displayed by opening the window in Tools > Operations or by clicking on the bottom bar of eM Client, where current application’s process is usually displayed or where you can find the “info” icon.

Go to Tools>Operations…I see the blank Operations window open on my desktop at least 6-10 times a day.  I have synchronize items set to every 15 minutes and it is only during synchronizing that this will occasionally happen. Most of the time during synchronizing the window closes by itself. 

Hello, check your application settings in Tools > Settings > General > Operations window, you can select if the window is shown during folder sync, or if it should be hidden after the folder synchronization is finished.

I have:

show window on send and receive> checked

hide window when send and receive completes> checked

show window when an error occurs> not checked

I also had this problem.  Uncheck show window on send and receive and you will no longer get those notifications. Maybe.  They need better QA.

Thanks for the suggestion but I like having show window on send and receive. Good news…The issue has gotten better in the past several days since the update.