Operations Timeout

What is going out? I got this message a few times a day lately. [CalDAV]Sync of vmacb@yahoo.ca/… failed due to the following error: vmacb@yahoo.ca (Connection timed out) Please advise. Thanks. Now this message:
[IMAP]Failed to LIST server folders ( LIST Invalid credentials)

I have the same issue with my Yahoo account.
First with CalDav and I turned off the CalDav service under account. Then it started with the LIST server folders…

eM Client 9.0.1708 (2cfb4a5)

Looks like a server issue, or at least an issue with your account on the server. Can you reach out to your email provider for assistance?

But sometimes a security process in your connection can interfere though, so as a test, can you completely disable any anti-virus, firewall, proxy or VPN, then try again. Even restarting your router may resolve this.

Hi Gary, the problem started about 4 days ago. I did reboot my router and other things, but errors messages continue to happen.