Operations & Errors

I added a new account and since then I have received up to more than 10 error messages a day, namely:
an error occurred
[IMAP] NO Current box is selected READ-ONLY.
Nobody can handle that yet.
Who will help, please, find out what is causing the mistakes?

What are your IMAP mail settings in eM Client.

Also who is your mailbox provider.

Lastly did you setup via the automatic email wizard or manual setup.

I first made IMAP automation and then fine-tuned it according to the hosting provider’s advice.
The hosting provider is web4ce.cz and the web mail client is the Roundcube application.
IMAP settings are host: mail1.web4ce.cz / port: 993 / protocol: SSL / TLS

Errors appear in the tens per day.

eMc ver. 9.0.1361 (647eeb3)

The hosting provider is web4ce.cz and the web mail client is the Roundcube application

Ah ok. Most Roundcube webmail logins are on eg: Linux mail servers which may or may not be 100% compatible with eM Client. Need to know if any other forum free or paid users on this thread have tested your setup with your specific server.

Ps Your eM Client V9 mailer & settings look ok otherwise I would also recommend to use (Force use of Legacy) in the SSL / TLS authentication setup and if you need to also “recommend to put your complete email address"for the Account username” & then your password as normal.

Note Hopefully some other peeps can hopefully help you further. Sorry I cannot help you more.

You could also dblcheck with your ISP technical support or mailbox provider to see if they can setup for you. Good luck. Hope it will work.

Thanks a lot for trying to help.