Operations Error - Server Unavailable

Hi - I am a new and enthusiastic user of Em Client - I think its great!

Anyone know why I am getting theses error messages? I delete/ignore them - and all seems well - but there is usually a reason for error messages!

Any help appreciated.

Delta 909

Tuesday 13 October 2020 :: 2156hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Delta909

It would be advisable to blank out your email address or you might end up getting ‘strange’ messages - this is a public forum.

Microsoft have made changes that could be the reason you are having these problems, follow this link:


¡Saludos desde la soleada España!



Hi Skybat - thanks for the pointer - that does look like the reason so I will fix that. Thanks also for the tip about my email address - should have done that - thankfully it’s my public address rather than my personal one but will take your tip onboard for the future. Cheers. Delta 909

I use the paid e-mail service USA.net, eM-client has always reported these types of errors, in version 7 of EM client I found a setting (somewhere?) to ignore the error message, the errors never affected my ability to send or receive my e-mail.
When I 1st started getting the error I got my e-mail service technical support involved, I sent them a copy of the EM-client error messages, they turned on logging for my account for a few days, A fair amount of Server Unavailable AND Login Errors were reported by eM-client but my support guy at our e-mail service said there were no problems found in my log.
Of course this could be a policy of USA.net not to admit to issues on their side and being caught between the eM-client reports and my e-mail provider could go on forever with no resolution, just more stress for me. After I was able to turn off the reports in version 7 all was good, now I need to find the check box in version 8 that does the same.
Anyone know how to do this?