Operation Error

Everytime my eM Client sync’s I get this same message and constantly press ignore to close it down. It’s getting pretty annoying to repeatedly keep doing this. Can someone help if possible?

I also saved the log to a notepad file but have no clue how to post that here for you to view.

The version I have is 7…33988.0

sorry version didn’t post right


Apparently you managed to delete the “Archive” folder, which is special for the server and cannot be deleted. You may be able to get rid of the error by moving the “Archive” folder back from the “Trash” to the root of the account (using drag and drop, or through the options in the right-click menu).

Oh weird, I just recently downloaded and started using eM Client. I only set up the email addresses so far and have sent emails. Really odd. I’ll take a look and see if what you suggest works. Thanks!

It worked, thank you. Even other folders that were needed were in trash and I move them back to the root account. Have no clue how they ended up in trash. Thanks again.

I get a similar error with missing a PUBLIC folder.  I never had a public folder, and I cannot created it on the server side. System states that it’s not allowed.  Didn’t version 6 allow us to select what imap folders to sync?  That seems to be what I need.