operamail migration_help?

I’m an operamail user and now I’m thinking about migration to eMClient. 
Can anybody give me suggestions about how I can migrate contacts, mails and e-mail boxes. I saw that eM can import from others mail clients but not from operamail.
Any suggestions will be welcome. Please can you answer directly to a.vilagrosa@gmail.com.
Many thanks in advanced


Hi Alberto,
unfortunately Opera’s export tools are somewhat clumsy, you can apparently only right click each folder and export it as .mbs, so I’ll have to recommend googling around for solutions on how to export separate parts, so search for operamail export to eml, csv or conversion of the mbs file to something the eM Client can import from.

Best regards,

Hi Olivia
Many thank for your quick response, I will try.
All the best