Opening messages with single click

I’m trying to replicate the way Outlook online works.  I don’t use the reading pane, so all I see are the messages in my inbox.  In my web browser, just clicking on a message once will open it in the same window.  Is there a way to do this in eM?  I’m OK with it spawning a new window, but the double-clicking part is annoying.  Thanks!

Same question, is this possible? After reading click the back button to go back to the list!

Yes. The messages are listed in the middle pane. Just click once on the message and it opens in the right pane.

There is no need to go back to the list by clicking or otherwise as it is always there.

The messages are not opening with single click, Message Panel is off.

Turn the message panel on, then when you click the message in the list it opens in the preview pane.

I know but I dont like preview pane, I wanted full message list and opening the message by clicking the email subject and going back to the list by using a back button.

That is not possible. To open the message in a new window requires a double-click.

There is no back button in Windows. What did you have in mind?

Just like Gmail or Outlook, like the original poster suggested. Click on the list to open that message in the same window and once the message opens add a Back button on top left next to Reply to go back to the list.

The email provider’s interface you want to replicate is web based which works a little different.

It is not possible to do what you are asking in eM Client.