Opening Group List to add members

I have an existing Group List in my Contacts. Unable to open the List to Add, Remove or Edit existing people on the list ?? Need assistance urgently… thank you

For v9.1 (not sure about 9.2)
You can add by clicking on “+ Add Member”
You can remove by hi-lighting the entry and clicking on “remove member”
You can not edit, so just delete the member and Add a new member

Thank you, Al, for your reply/response. I have Version 9.2.1222 so the suggestion you gave me will NOT work. Any other suggestions ? I would like to get this straightened out…
Thanks, Ernie

It is exactly the same.

Just open the distribution list, and click on Add Member to add a member.
Or select a member and click on Remove member to remove a member.

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Hi Gary, Thanks for your reply/response. Not sure how or why but my distribution list is different NOW ! It was changed back on Oct. 25 when I added my G-mail account (actually done by my grandson) to the eM-Client program ? I am returning to my Son’s on Dec. 21st and my grandson will be there also. I will explain what is happening etc. & we will see if we can correct the problem. Appreciate your help/assistance very much. Will notify you when I return in early 2023. Have a wonderful Christmas & New Year. Ernie