Opened eM Client and every folder is empty

What could have caused this? There is absolutely no mail, no contacts, and nothing that I have saved in various folders.

Thanks for any help to retrieve all this.

This seems to be caused by the latest Windows 10 update - I had the same thing.  I am using eM client version 6 - version 7 seems to work OK.  See also the following thread

Thanks, Nigel, for your reply. I am using Version 6 (free). I’m thinking the only fix would be to uninstall eM Client and download & install again. Would this be your suggestion, also?

And thanks for the thread. It was helpful


I downloaded the free version 7 and it worked OK on my laptop I keep for test purposes with Hotmail so I reckon you need to do what you suggested.  I have version 6 on my desktop and it is heavily customised and I am worried that if I update to version 7 I will have to customise all over again.

Thanks, Nigel

I will probably download the free version 7 in the next few days. I need to go through my contact list & make a copy as that is the only folder that is intact.

Anyone know a quick way to do that other than opening each name & copy/paste the info?

BTW, I love eM Client because it is the only email provider I have found that lets me add fun images to my emails. My Hotmail email doesn’t let me do that.


Go to File, Export and select Contacts as a vcf file.  You can then import this into the new version.

Nigel, thanks. I did as you suggested and saved it to my desktop for now. However, not sure how to import them to the eM Client version 7 after I’ve download it. But will take things step by step. Hoping to getting to downloading version 7 today.

Appreciate your help so much. You are working with a 71 year old who is not very computer savvy!!!


Go to File, Import - I’m nearly 70 but reasonably savvy.  I hope emClient sort this out as there must be a lot of people out there with this problem.

Thanks, Nigel. I’m only savvy when everything is working well. LOL! However, working with  computers certainly helps keep your mind sharper. Something is always going wrong!! Wish I hadn’t downloaded Win 10 'cause I keep having little problems cropping up often on a daily basis.

The other thing I would say is that I assume you were using emClient to access Hotmail.  If that is correct, when you install version 7 and it correctly connects to Hotmail, your contacts should automatically be restored.   However it is always a good idea to export them as a backup in case the worst happens.

Yes, I am using it to access hotmail. I can see that it is a good idea to make a back up. Thanks! Actually, I have noticed hotmail is having some issues, too. If this is all due to a Windows update, then it really has caused some serious frustration.