Open next message when deleting message

I open messages in a new panel (layout/messages panel off).
When I delete a message, I want the next message to open.
Now I have to delete it and open the next message.

we will consider it and let you know ASAP.

I would very much like the same feature. For me, it’s the biggest shortcoming of eM Client compared to Outlook (which I switched from).

Ditto for me, as well. Makes working through messages very slow when I have to open next message in a new window after deleting the previous one. I’d like to keep the window open as I work through incoming messages. TIA.

I would like to be able to go to next or previous message like in Outlook or the Gmail web interface.

Please tell us when this feature will be included, I really need it

No news with this feature ?

Unfortunately not, we had to implement lot of other features with higher priority.

Very disappointed this was not included in the latest release, which I have installed but all these suposedly ‘higher priority’ features did absolutely nothing for me. And I completely fail to understand how a few dots moving across the scren while a message loads could be deemed higher priority than a useful, time-saving feature.

This is a deal breaker for me.

Otherwise, it looks like the perfect program for me, moving from OE on Windows XP to Windows 8.

But I can’t use it if it can’t be set to read the next message when I delete the current.

What do you expect people to do? (I like the preview pane off.)

Even Gmail’s web interface now allows this functionality.

Also, please allow the choice of POP in Gmail autodetect.


I agree with other posters. This is a critical function - not having it makes moving through email first thing in the morning a much slower, more annoying process than using Outlook or other client.

I upgraded yesterday to 5.0.17918.0, and this option seems to have changed. Unfortunately, I prefer it the old way – that is, when I read and delete a given email message, I prefer NO action, i.e., I do NOT want the next message to open.

The prior email system I used was Thunderbird, which provided a user option to determine this behavior. And I believe most other email systems have an option for the user to control how this works. That is what I would like to see in eM Client (and if there’s already such an option, I can’t find it).

I agree with Bill Pollack. Please give us the option to choose the appropriate behaviour. Having eM Client automatically open the next message on deletion of the current message is generally a pain in the whatsit for me - as often as not the next message has already been read, or is a message I would have binned without reading based on subject or sender.

We need this to be an option. I can’t stand to have another message open when I delete one.

Same Here, I’d like this to be an option and not a default setting that cannot be changed.

Thanks for this great mail client.


I think that I have written this in other topic, but this feature is going to be implemented in release of 6th version eM Client in few weeks.



I was looking in the forum to see if this feature is implemented in ver 6.0.2 as this is a good feature that I’m used in Outlook and helps to save time in going through unread mails and do the necessary action like delete/move to another folder and then continue reading with the remaining unread mails in Inbox.



Hi, this is an available option in eM Client, however it is not possible to switch the direction in which the next message will be open, unless you change the sorting of your message list.
To avoid closing window after email deletion, go to Tools > Settings > Mail > Read and uncheck the option “Close window after original message is deleted”.

Hope this helps,