open mail on startup

Have just reinstalled eM Client - When it was installed on my old computer it would open all the mail when I opened the program, which was great - Now though I have to click on ‘send and receive’ for it to open - Is there a setting that I am missing, I’ve through settings numerous times and cannot find anything related to this - Would very much appreciate some wise words regarding this.

Hi, I’m not completely sure what you mean by open mail. You can setup the automatic synchronization and synchronization on startup in Tools > Settings > General > Synchronization. If you check the Synchronize items at startup, all your account should fetch new email and synchronize with the server, once you open em client.

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Hi Paul,  

Yes, that help completely, exactly what I needed to know.

Thank you very much,

No problem, if you come across any other issues or have any more questions about the application, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

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